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Tarah currently lives in Los Angeles and is a leading lady both in indie films and on stage. She is a company member at Ensemble Studio Theater, where she works with LA writers on developing new work. She has been refered to as a "new play development actor," and loves being part of this process. Tarah is also a founding member of the award winning, Femme-led company ELAN Ensemble! When she's not acting,she spends time directing, producing, and writing.


From Texas originally, Tarah spent her childhood horseback riding on the family ranch. Like a true Texas lady she started tap, jazz, and ballet at age three. She went on to compete and even did high kick routines & clogged at football games! With deep roots in the theater, Tarah came into her own at Dallas Theater Center. In her first audition there at six years old, the director called her "a fine young actress." Tarah ran out of the room crying and said to her mom through tears, "he said I was just FINE." To which her mom had to explain that that was in fact a compliment. 


When she was fifteen years old, she decided to get the heck out of Texas &  moved to Ojai, California to attend a performing arts boarding school known as Happy Valley School. Tarah went on to UC Santa Barbara where she received her BFA in Acting. After graduating from UCSB, Tarah went on to study acting at University of Southern California where she earned her MFA. 

Tarah also enjoys spending time with her Australian Cattle Dog-Ada, hiking, swimming in the ocean, watching movies, reading plays, gardening, and cooking.



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Waiting For You~ A film by Levar Michael was a featured short at the Golden State Film Festival at The Chinese Theater!

Fun Fact~ This was Tarah's first onscreen baby and she looks forward to working with many more little ones!


OJ's Laugh~A film by David McMillan & Kareen Ferguson is in post and is coming out very soon!

Fun Fact~This film started as an Ovation Nominated play at EST/LA called Watching OJ, also by David McMillan. Larry David, Norman Lear, and Michael Jackson's mother were just a few spotted in the audience during the run!


How We're Different From Animals~ An ELAN Ensemble adaptation of Miranda July's short stories, won Stage Raw's Best Adaptation! And is currently nominated for LA Drama Critic's Circle's Best Production of the Year for 2019!

Fun Fact~ Tarah is a founding member of this femme-led company and she co-produced this production! It took 3 years to devise with the help of Miranda July, Jonathan Muñoz-Proulx, and MANY others!

In the works~ELAN Ensemble's next piece a devised modern adaptation of

Trojan Women!

Fun Fact~ This version was originally developed by the USC MFA Class of 2014 with David Bridel.

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"In this atmosphere of anguish and despair, the actors give stunning performances. Every moment rings true, every piece of dialogue is honored. As Kathryn, Tarah Pollock – somehow, somewhere, in a way that is almost impossible to track – creates sympathy and a shade of understanding for this profoundly damaged character."

Heidi Mastrogiovanni Talkin'~ Charlotte Stay Close @ESTLA

"Comartin and Pollock weave their thoughtful truth throughout, and the result is an intriguing and thoroughly enjoyable experience." 

Carol Edger Germain~ Lost in Time @ESTLA


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